World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition

4th August 2018

The inaugural World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition has already created waves of excitement amongst the durian farming community since its inception. The competition includes 5 categories: Best Musang King (D197), Best Blackthorn (D200), Best Tekka (D160), Best D24 and the Best Open Series Durian (for all other species not included in the former categories).


The *judging panel for this Championship includes luminaries in the culinary and durian industry.  It comprises of

i) Ms Lindsay Gasik, founder of and author of two durian books.

ii) Mr Hew Chen Choi, Semaian Dan Dusun Hew.

iii) Ms Julie Wong, former editor of The Star and Flavors magazine as well as the author of an award-winning cookbook.

*panel may expand closer to the event date


Results of the World Durian Championship 2018:  Malaysia Edition will be announced around noon time and you can go hunt down all the award winners at the Durian Farmers’ Market.


Competition Form Judging Format