Local Rules

12 Local Rules You Should Pay Attention To :

1. Hole - In - One


Golfers who strike a Hole-In-One in BGR (witnessed by not less than 2 other golfers in the flight) The Hole ­In-One achiever must pay for all the drinks and food consumed by other golfers of RM2,000.00 on the same day. His/her has to fill in the Hole-In One form.

The Hole-In-One achiever also can choose the same day or a specific day, (within 7 days from the day he/she hit HIO) to treats other golfers or friend of RM2000.00 (Food and Beverage only).

Kindly produce the restaurant bill to the Registration Counter. For this reason, we recommend all golfers to buy insurance for Hole-In-One.



2. Register Personally


All members and AGSSG/AGN member must register personally and write down your full name on the Registration book at the Golf Registration counter by producing the Membership I AGSSG & AGN card, failing which the Cashiers reserve the right turndown any registration.

If any members found using invalid membership number or name;
1. He/she will be suspended immediately for 2 weeks from playing at Bangi Golf resort AND
2. Bangi Golf Resort will not renew his/her membership when expired AND
3. He/she will be prohibited from playing at Bangi Golf Resort upon expiry of his/her membership.
4. Rules 1 to 3 will apply to his/her spouse and family member. (If the membership valid for family.)
5. Rules 1 to 3 will also apply to his/her flight partners and the flight partners’ spouse and family. (If the membership is valid for family)

3. Three Ballplayers On Weekend


All flights must have a minimum of 3-ball players to tee off on Weekend irrespective
of 9-hole or 18-hole.

2 ball players are not allowed to tee off.



4. Rain Cheque


Kindly take note that regardless of weather or no-show,
no refunds nor raincheck will be given.

5. Handicap

On Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, only golfers with official USGA handicaps

(Men – Maximum 24, Ladies – Maximum 36) are allowed to play on the golf course.

Please declare your Handicap when your register.
Course Marshall reserves the rights to request the player to stop playing if he/she is found to play without handicap.
BGR will not refund the green fees or cart fee that already paid.



6. Pick Up Ball

Golfers are advised to pick up the ball in case there is a clear flight in front of them.

(Weekends and Public Holidays only) [B13d]

7. Non Golfers

Non golfers and children of golfer under the age of 12 are prohibited on the Golf Course and shall not accompany Members or players on the Golf Course on all days.



8. Conduct


Members, their spouse, children, guests, visitors and/or nominees shall at all times conduct themselves with decorum and observe courtesy and rules of etiquette while in Bangi Golf Resort premises.

Use of threatening, abusive and/or unbecoming language and/or signs against any staff or other players of Bangi Golf Resort is strictly prohibited. Failure to observe the rules shall result in disciplinary action by Bangi Golf Resort.

9. Cancellation of Flight Booking


BGR wish to request your kind co-operation to call us within 48 hours before your tee off time if you wished to cancel the flight/s you booked for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

He or she would be suspended for 1 week for every flight booked without cancellation call and did not utilise it.

(R&R:Sec.B Clause 12e&f) Members who repeated the same offend you be subject to double suspension. For season pass holder, BGR reserves the right not to renew the pass, upon expiry date.



10. Usage Of Trolley & Walking On The Course


Golfers can only walk or use trolleys before 7.45 a.m. on weekdays only.
The usage of buggies is mandatory after 7.45a.m. On weekdays and on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays for Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan.

11. Tee Time On Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday


Golfers that are punctual will tee off at the timed booked. (i.e. 10 minutes before their scheduled tee off time) Players who failed to tum up in time will render the flight concerned to lose its tee off time. Any flight that loses the tee off time shall commence only after the punctual flights are cleared. Golfers are to register 15 minutes before tee off time and be at the tee boxes 10 minutes before tee off. Bangi Golf Resort reserve the right to sell off the slot if members failed to register before the tee off time.



12. Golf Set


Every golfer must have their own golf set (Owned or Rented) prior to Tee off. No golf set can be shared between players during the gameplay.